What's in My Purse ~ Disney Style

Kate Spade Jan Purse:

Nuun Strawberry Lemonade - These were a life saver while running or walking around Disney for hydration.

Germinator Alcohol Free Wipes - Disney is full of kids and adults who have paid a good amount of money to be there a small cold or being sick isn't going to stop them.

PocketBac Sanitizing Hand Gel Lucky - I love this! I love making sure my PocketBac matches my day or holiday coming up. Sad but true!

Pens and Sharpie Pens - I have Disney pens and these sharpie pens for writing things down. Never know when inspiration will hit you.

Bullfrog Sunblock - I used this during the marathon and during the visit as well. Because let's face it I don't want weird freaky tan lines.

Vera Bradley Zip ID Case in Canterberry Cobalt - I loved this during the run and not. I kept my ID, room card key (they are fixing to do away with this completely!), credit card, and my cash.

Glucose Tablets - Being hypoglycemia and me no always eat like I should is the reason these bad boys are in here!

iPhone - Self explanatory

Charger cord for iPhone

Volant Moleskin Notebook in Magenta - Again I use these for inspiration and planning.

Carabiner clip - for clipping the resort cup and my hat to my purse.

DG Auto Microfiber Cleaning Cloth - Never know when it is going to rain or something is going to spill

Tide 2 Go Pen -

Honey Mustard - Yes you are reading that right. They only have honey mustard at certain places in Disney World and Carolina and I take our own.

Cosmetic bag:

Dior Lip Balm - It has SPF in it and that makes me happy.

Blotting Paper

NYX Stay Matte Flat Powder

Hand Mirror 

Tampons in 3 different sizes

Vera Bradley Travel Pill Case in Tutti Frutti - I have various medicines in this and I keep bandaids in here as well.

Bandaid Blister stick - I SWEAR BY THIS!! No blistas sistas... Ok I can't pull that off but it works.

Cloverware Lite - I have these for my sake of eating.

Small ziplock sandwich bags - for saving food, sweets, etc.

My Disney Poncho - If you buy a poncho at Disney they will replace it if and whenever it rips!

Alabama Crimson Tide LED Eco Light Keychain - Trying to read a map in the dark is no fun!

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