Review: Heads Up App

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Like charades? Like the game Taboo? Then Heads Up is for you!

My boss bought the game after several of her friends in her prayer group was talking about playing it with their families. My work family has loved it.

You can play it on your iOS devices and Android devices.

To begin with the game is an interesting twist on trivia game, except instead of having facts thrown at you and you guessing (unless you are the person with the device and the person guessing) you have to throw the facts given a simple phrase or word. The best part is that while you are giving clues there is a camera recording what you say and how you act out the clues. You can't play the game alone which is why this is a great social game!

Ellen DeGeneres has come up with a great game. She has featured it and played it on her show.

They are playing the category called Sidekick where it takes two or more people to give the clues. These are not what you call regular trivia categories its identifying accents, humming music to guess different songs and playing charades like above in the video! There are other activities as well.

When it's your turn to be the one to guess the words on the device hold the device outward so that your friends and family can see the screen and you can't. An answer will appear on the screen and everyone or your certain teammate gives you clues. This is also like the old show called Pyramid. You have 1 minute to guess as many words as you can. You can pass if you have no idea with the clues they are giving you or if they have no clues to give you.

So far Carolina and I have the highest right between anyone of our group but of course we were on the Kid and also the Adult Supervision categories. Not really sure what that says about us.

The thing I love about it is it really gets a whole group of people laughing and joking with each other. Plus, it's a really simple game.

The only bad thing about this app is that it needs somewhere in the app to keep score of teams or just in general. Sure the person could cheat and shake the device to say they got them all right but that's really just hurting themselves. 

Some of the other reviews I have read said that getting other category packs were too expensive. I did not find that paying $0.99 for an extra pack was such a big deal. 

I hope you keep your heads up for this game! It's become a favorite for us!

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