Fabulous Friday 3.7.14

It was a true roller coaster week....

Saturday, March 1st ~

On my last Fabulous Friday I was hoping things would go smoothly and our field trip would be a success. That never happened. A friend of mine (who is a relative of Odette's) called us saying her baby may have meningitis. Odette left work and our field trip was cancelled. My friend's family is from out of the country so I opened up my house to them.

So I spent Saturday cooking, speaking French all day, and playing with French children. We did puzzles and played video games.

While I did that Vin was playing a concert with some of our other friends raising money for our friend and her baby. He raised more money in one night than 15 down payments on a Toyota Corolla.

Sunday, March 2nd ~

We went to church, we worked on my house and we watched the Oscars!!!! I was so happy for Frozen.

Monday, March 3 ~

My house guests left either finding their own places to stay or going back to France. We had a day off from work thanks to the weather. So some of us went to Tuscaloosa. We had a fabulous day shopping, talking, and hanging out with our family. Plus it was International Badge Day! I was so proud to wear my ADPi pin on my scarf!

Tuesday, March 4 ~ 

Fat Tuesday! Work was a lot of fun with the kids. I left after the little parade we had with the kids. I worked from home until it was time to go to school for the night. Then I talked to my pastor about what to give up or add on for Lent. You can find out here. We enjoyed some King Cake as well. We also found out that our friend's baby doesn't have meningitis but a different virus and that's why her brain was swelling and she was having seizures. 

Carolina found the baby in our King Cake!

Wednesday, March 5 ~

The day started about by going to the morning Lent service. We had an ash cross across our head for the whole day. We found out our friend's baby has virus that was treatable! And my Mary Ann started her blog!

Thursday, March 6 ~

I kept this to myself. But this was a hard day for me because a year from this date was when Bryant was having his 11 hour surgery. My dad had traveled with him to New York He had complications following surgery kept him there for 37 days. That was a rough day for me. But I have to remind myself we have come so far since that day. 

Friday, March 7 ~ 

Today was a fun day. We were allowed to wear jeans to work so that was a lot of fun. However, without Odette it wasn't as much fun. Mary Ann and I have been hanging out a lot with running and talking about our blogs.

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