❀Binder Series❀: Pregnancy Binder

I have a full time OCD person. I like things to be organized. And on top of that I like to plan and be prepared. That's why I have 30 Household/Life Binders. And I am giving you a breakdown of what is in each one of them!

In the future I will be able to do custom printable pages and able to show you what my pages look like. I have known several people who have kept a pregnancy binder and that is how I have made mine for the future I am in no way pregnant so sorry if you thought that.

So here we go!

I have Mead Five Star Flex X-LG All-in-One NoteBinder. I have this one for a reason over a regular hard back binder. These are easy to write down information. They are super durable.

Of course I have a cover page on the front sleeve of the binder. I don't have any names or years on it. I have a place where I can hand write those at the bottom corner.

The on the inside I have little Post It Flags that I used scrapbooking tape to secure it to the inside of the binder.

I have a Mead®Five Star® Punch 'N Pouch. I have this in the front for adding print outs from doctors/midwives or articles that I would like to have on hand to show the midwife/doctor. The pouch hold a set of different colored pens from Erin Condren.

I have another cover page that lists the different sections. This really isn't for me, this is for friends and family. It is held in a sheet protector.

Behind the front inside cover is a heavy duty sheet protect which hold the Birthing Plan. I want that to be in the front and well protected.

Behind that a list for writing down contacts. Again not really for me but for family and friends for reference.

I have an In the Beginning Page printed on copying paper and it's held in a page protector. I have will have to remove it to write on it like most of the pages in this binder but that's ok. This binder was made for me by me. This has a place to record: who I told, how I told each person, how I found out, how many pregnancy tests convinced me, and I how felt.

I have a page that states that next is a journal for me.
I have reinforced paper so that it doesn't rip. Yes I use regular notebook paper that way I can doodle however I like. It's my pregnancy outlet.
I also have this section broken down into trimesters. That way it's easier to see mood changes. Plus I have added a section for being overdue. Sometimes babies like staying in momma.

Behind this is a weekly survey section.
Each week is labeled at the top. It has the same questions on the front of each page and a journal section on the back to record special notes for that week to remember.

And no this isn't how it looks in the book I did this for the blog so you all could see the survey questions.

After this section is nursery planning.
This has some graph paper to think about how exactly we want this. I want a Montessori nursery so it shouldn't be too difficult to plan. I'm sure as I have different pregnancies things will change.

Ultrasound journals are next. Each page has a section to add a copy of the ultrasound picture. I think journaling about these will be the best!

Baby Name Planner: The perfect way for me to brainstorm and narrow down my baby name picks. Plus to be able to go back and show my child what I almost named them will be amazing!

Pregnancy Milestones: A date/list to keep track a short list of major milestones (baby moving, first hiccups, first kick, ultrasound dates, etc). I want to be able to know the first day I felt the baby move!

Countdown to Baby pages: Monthly calendar pages to cross out after the day happened!

Daily Log: To remember what vitamins (I don't plan on taking an all inclusive prenatal vitamin) for that day and how much (I also plan on taking liquid), what I ate, how long I slept, what activities I did to be active.

Article Section: Articles that I that I want to remember on visits or show people. Just to have them on hand.

Baby Registry Checklist-A list of places to register and also items divided into categories to plan for all the items I will need for the baby with space to log how many of each item I will need and check-boxes to check if I register for the item and if I receive it.

A place to write down names for thank you notes.

Planner- list to do's, project plans, profit/expenses, purchase log and notes

My Hospital Packing List- Space to plan for packing for me if I have to go to the hospital

Baby Hospital packing list - same as above but for baby

Dad Hospital packing list - same as above but for dad
Siblings - same as above but for siblings

The day of baby - Just a way to remember the special day

This is my pregnancy binder and in the future I'll do an updated version with the pages. I do have a New Mommy Binder that will be coming out shortly.

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